Nancy Ostrovsky -- Painting Improvisations

"Each musician immersed himself deeply in the music as Ostrovsky made whorls and thrusts of the instruments visible."
-Bob Blumenthal, Boson Globe

"The trombone gronks and she responds with the thump of her paintbrush, a loud red thwack! on black. The cymbol shimmers, and she flicks arpeggio of white streaks to accent the drummer, whose likeness she's implied in a flurry of yellow lines. "
-Mikhail Horowitz

"Ostrovsky reaching for the right paint or pastel..fingers dipped in jars and nozzles of bottles become impromptu paintbrushes.."
-James Shaefffer

"When you first see it, you wonder what the hell its going to be."
-John Clifford

"Why don't we let painters like Ostrovsky make our currency instead of Mint? Be more interesting and we'd probably keep more of it too."
-Joe Giardullo

"the performing arts prevailed...and was greatly enhanced by th visual arts, her slitherly, bodily responses to the sounds drew the audience in immediately."
-Charles H. Matz

"The shadows of the previous night's performance danced on the black canvases, forming a musical traffic jam and paint in the 21st Coltrane Concert , Ostrovsky's work comes alive even a day later. "
-Sarah Johnson, Northeastern News

"She's special: she's like another player."
-Roswell Rudd

"I love Nancy's work and resonated with it right away. It felt like seeing that which I had wanted to see, but only been hearing until then. It looked like music.
-Michael Cain